Served 2,575 families (7,875 individuals). Distributed 268,056 pounds of food and gave out gift certificates totaling $12,875 for the year. Served between 188 and 242 families a month. Distributed an average of 23,411 pounds of food a month. (This includes a $5 Cub gift certificate for milk given to each client.). Served 151 new clients. 57% of clients served were North St. Paul residents and 43% were from Oakdale.

Served 583 different* families (2,180 individual members). *Different families refer to each family which came during 2016 and was only counted their first month served in 2016.

Had several drawings during the year with donated items including afghans, hair clippers, vaporizers, and electric toothbrushes.

St. Andrew's Church gave us 128 vouchers to send the families who received them to their Resource Center to obtain a Thanksgiving basket which included turkey.

Gave a Christmas bag to each family with appointments in December. These bags included a ham, turkey or turkey roast, plus other treats.

Easter baskets, many donated by St. Peter's Catholic Church, were given out to families with children. Donated hats and mittens were given to many clients who came to the shelf in December.

For several months, depending on weather conditions, a table was stocked outside the shelf with food and miscellaneous items, extra bread, etc. This was available for open shopping by clients or anyone who stopped by. Also on the days the
the food shelf was open, individuals without appointments could come into the food shelf between 12:00 and 1:00 to get bread or items off our open shopping shelves.
Volunteers maintain tables outside where families can help themselves to extra items.
Volunteers come in to pack bags for the families who have registered to receive food.
Volunteers sort food donations and mark the outdated items for shopping tables.
The Food Shelf is run
   by all volunteers.
         provided by
North St. Paul Area Food Shelf
              Serving North St. Paul and Oakdale Residents
in 2016
Members of churches and organizations rotate different weeks to pack food for clients.