The North St. Paul Area Food Shelf is a non-profit organization which serves families in
North St. Paul and Oakdale.
(The all-volunteer stqff serves 14 clients a day.)
   2538 E. Seppala Boulevard
  North St. Paul, MN 55109
Starting September 1: Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
    & Friday, 10 a.m. - 1  p.m. (CLosed Wednesday Morning)
Evening hours on some Wednesdays may be added for clients
who are working during the day.

You can come to the food shelf 12 times in a year's time (only once in the same

You need to call Monday for a Tuesday appointment, Tuesday for a Thursday
       appointment, Thursday for a Friday appointment, and Friday for a Monday
       appointment. (If Wednesday evening appointment is needed because of work
       schedule, call on Tuesday.)

Please be prompt for your appointment. Also, do not come too early as the
volunteers need time to pack your groceries. Make your own arrangements
for transportation as we do not provide rides.

You must bring two forms of ID: A current driver's license (or a picture ID if
you do not have a driver's license) and a current utility bill showing you live
in the food shelf area.

Do not schedule an appointment unless you know you can make it. You must
pick up your food the day of your appointment. It will not be held over for you
until the next day. If you call and cancel on the day of your appointment you
        must wait two weeks to reschedule. If you do not call and do not show up,
        you will have to wait a month to make a new appointment.

To receive services:
There are no paid staff at the North St. Paul Area Food Shelf.  All workers at the food shelf are volunteers.
FOOD SHELF UPDATE: Over 35 years ago the North St. Paul Area Food Shelf was organized and it served only North St. Paul residents. Then about 20 years ago the boundaries were expanded to include Maplewood and Oakdale residents. Because of the difficulty now in servicing this large of an area, a decision was made to just serve North St. Paul and Oakdale residents. In June 2012, our food shelf discontinued servicing Maplewood, and two food shelf are now serving the Maplewood area.
North St. Paul Area Food Shelf
Drawings are held for donated items such as this Viking jacket.
The North St. Paul Area Food Shelf
  is an equal opportunity provider.
    Closed Memorial Day - Monday, May 29