Fare for All Express
New Location:  Redeeming
Love Church    in Maplewood
Fare for All is a program of the Emergency Foodshelf Network. It is a nonprofit organization that collects, warehouses and distributes high quality food and essential support services to Minnesota hunger relief organizations.
We want to thank all the wonderful people who were instrumental in making North St. Paul's Fare for All Express remain a top site for its three and a half years it was held at the North St. Paul Community Center.

These people include: the City of North St. Paul Administration for being so supportive of this program; the community center personnel for all their assistance; the many groups and individuals who pushed carts for the customers including Junior ROTC, North High Honor Society, church members, Cowern and Harmony students; the food shelf volunteers who gave more of their time to  help at Fare for All Express; children/grandchildren of volunteers who came along to push carts or hand out goodies; Santa and his elf who visited us and handed out candy canes as we sold our Christmas packages; the EFN staff who kept us guessing what they were going to bring each month and keeping us flexible especially when their credit card machine worked too slowly; and the people who helped us publicize the event each month. As you see it took a lot of super people to operate this program each month.

We especially want to thank all the people who came to purchase the packages, some coming almost every month, even some an hour early. We will miss these people and appreciate their patience when we had problems and their fun-loving attitude when they put up with our craziness.

We will miss working with all these super volunteers and the customers we have enjoyed visiting with each month. As Redeeming Love Church carries on this program, we hope they will receive the same wonderful support we have had during our tenure as coordinators of this site. Thank you all for the experience.
Dave and Linda Zick
  Last Fare for All Express at North St. Paul Community Center
                                December 2012